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Ready To Run

Track cleaning "Sweeper Tram" RTR

  “Sweeper Tram”, The self-propelled sweeper tram, for the removal of debris from the permeant way, The sweeper will tackle most obstacles brushing them aside as it traverse the track, mainly designed for leaves, and other small bits of detritus, the sweeper will clear the track ready for your next train, I've been using mine now for about three years before any running session, giving me a relatively hassle free run afterwards. The sweeper boasts a full metal chassis with direct drive, in addition the brush is driven separately via another motor. forwards and backwards control (inside Cab) along with a speed control (inside the rear portion of the tram) give the user control with a removable roof for easy access to the batteries. sold either with a battery clip for 12 batteries or with a rechargeable battery pack, (please not battery charger is sold separately) Flashing LEDs warn railway populous of the approaching tram, the height of the brush can be adjusted to allow for a lighter brush for tracks were ballast or moss has filled in the gap between the sleepers.

Please Note these are built
to order, With a build
time of 6 - 8 weeks.
Sweeper tram, self propelled 32mm or 45mm please state, with Battery Clip
£ 420.00
Sweeper tram, self propelled 32mm or 45mm please state, with Rechargeable Batteries
£ 450.00
Battery Charger
Battery Charger for NiMh Battery Packs
£ 35.00

The model comes painted with one of the livery’s suggested below, however if a Particular livery is required,
please use the contact form to enquire about your requirements.
Please also add your colour to the basket.

Suggested Livery’s,
Dark Blue with wooden overlays, Green with painted overlays, Chocolate with cream overlays, or
plain where the Tram is assembled but painting is left to you..

Colour 001
Dark Blue with Wooden stained Overlays.
£ 0.00
Colour 002
Chocolate with cream overlays
£ 0.00
Colour 003
Green with green overlays
£ 0.00
Colour 004
Plain, Unpainted ready to finish yourself
£ 0.00
Colour 005
Burgandy with cream overlays
£ 0.00

Videos of the sweeper in action can be found
on our Facebook Page, search in facebook for
The Line Side Hut and select Video's.
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