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Quarry Slate wagons

Our Wagon Kits are inspired by many narrow guage lines, all our kits are laser cut and fit together cleanly to form a solid model. any strapping and hinges are for illustration only and are not included in the kit, allowing the modeller to add there own unique stamp on there model.

Slate Wagon 32mm  and 45mm versions, as seen in many of the slate quarries in wales, these were used to transport the dressed slate's to the port for further shipment, easy to assemble with locating tabs and additional comb for evenly spacing of cross bars, with shaped buffers and all being assembled with pva glue. wheels and axle boxes now supplied as part of the kit in 32mm or 45mm gauges.  Dimensions 32mm, Length 106mm, Width 50mm, Height 52mm. Dimensions 45mm, Length 113mm, Width 64mm, Height 52mm.

Oakley Quarries four wheeled Coal wagon, this kit aims to recreate that wagon in a good representation of the original. owner badges are included with this lovely little wagon. The model has external planking detail with very striking bolster supports, wheels and axle boxes are included with this kit but 32mm only. Shown here nicely weathered.
Dimensions are, Length 118mm , Width 62mm, Height 84mm.
Slate wagon complete kit, incl wheels 32mm Only
£ 9.00
Slate wagon Complete kit, Incl wheels 45mm Only
£ 10.00
Oakley Quarries four wheeled coal wagon, incl wheels. 32mm only
£ 15.00

Penrhyn Rubbish Wagon, as seen in many of the slate quarries in wales, these were used to transport the waste slate to the dumps, easy to assemble with locating tabs and the Blondin hangers can be left off to make a standard gallery wagon, all being assembled with pva glue. wheels and axle boxes now supplied as part of the kit 32mm or 45mm versions available.
Dimensions are, Length 80mm, Width 64mm, Height 48mm.

Bolster wagon set complete, the quarry bolster wagon was used for moving long lengths of slate or timber too large for a single vehicle. this kit represents the bolster wagon used at Coed-y-Parc although the chain was wrapped around the bolster, we have main it a little shorter and hangs from the uprights. sold in either 32mm or 45mm version. Dimensions are for a Pair with a fixed coupling Length 264mm x width 54mm x height 70mm top of upright.
Penryhn Rubbish Wagon, complete kit incl wheels 32mm Version
£ 8.00
Penryhn Rubbish Wagon, complete kit incl wheels 45mm Version
£ 9.50
Quarry Bolster wagon set, 32mm version incl 6 spoke curvy wheels
£ 20.50
Quarry bolster Wagon set, 45mm version incl 6 spoke curvy wheels
£ 22.50

Aberllefenni Quarry Slab wagon, 32mm Version. These wagons were seen running on the coris railway, primarily used for the transhipment of slabs of dressed slate, these wagon were unusual in design carrying the slabs on an "A" frame trestle with two upright timbers connected via a chain and wedges to secure the slabs. The model represents this unusual quarry wagon, everything is included chain, links, and cross braces etc., wheels are also included. Slate not included.

FR Braked Bolster wagon set. Used for carrying abnormally long loads on the FR. This model recreates the original with rivet detail where applicable with a lot of rivets, complete with brake handle and working rotating brace, the kit also comes complete with wheels and axle boxes, the draw bar is included, but the original often ran with a standard slate wagon between the two bolsters. available in 32mm and 45mm versions.
Aberllefenni Slab Wagon, 32mm Version complete with wheels
£ 16.00
Aberllefenni Slab Wagon, 45mm Version complete with wheels.
£ 17.00
FR Bolster wagon. 32mm Version, sold as a Pair, includes wheels
£ 38.50
FR Bolster wagon, 45mm Version, Sold as a Pair, Incl wheels
£ 40.00

Dinorwic Flat wagon. Used for a wide variety of tasks, these wagons were used heavily throughout the quarry, complete with hangers or securing points these wagons were very useful, the kit comes complete with wheels and is available in both 32mm and 45mm versions.

Dinorwic Slate Closed wagon. Used for transhipment of dressed slate, these wagons were vast in there number, this kit includes the filled in sides, which can of course be left out to create an open version if required, the kit comes complete with wheels and is available in both 32mm and 45mm versions.
Dinorwic flat wagon with hangers, 32mm Version, Incl wheels
£ 10.00
Dinorwic Flat wagon with hangers, 45mm Version, Incl wheels
£ 11.50
Dinorwic slate wagon, with closed sides, 32mm Version, incl wheels
£ 14.50
Dinorwic Slate wagon, with closed sides, 45mm Version, incl Wheels
£ 16.00

FR Carriage Truck, built at Boston Lodge in 1884, the carriage truck was to allow the gentry to take their horse drawn carriage with them to be used at the end of their journey, however the low bridges and tunnels would have only allowed a small carriage, trap or dog cart to be carried. Faithfully recreated in 16mm scale 32mm only including wheels.
Carriage Truck, 32mm includes wheels
£ 23.50
Carriage Truck, 45mm includes wheels
£ 23.50
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