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General Wagons

Brake Van SR56042, the brake van is loosely based on the Lynton and Barnstable railways guards van of the same number but is not a scale representation of that brake van. The Brake van does however have lots of details from SR56042 including the nice internal framing. Complete with working doors and Acrylic windows and interior detailing, its designed to complement our other freelance wagons, the brake van comes with wheels and chassis in either 32mm or 45mm.  include the lamp (unpainted)!
The hopper wagon is a freelance bolster type wagon with a single exit shoot in the centre, this can be made to operate by means of the lever assembly to open and close the door, or just glued in place if preferred, adding more interesting details using rivet heads, the brake wheel, lamp bracket and buffers complete the look adding some finishing touches. our kit shown here finished with wooden hoot and top rail with a grey body, the kit comes complete with bogies and wheels, just add paint and glue.
Dimensions: Length over buffers 248mm height from the rail head 74mm width 80mm
Brake Van SR-56042 includes 32mm wheels
£ 42.50
Brake Van SR-56042 includes 45mm wheels
£ 43.50
Hopper wagon 32mm version
£ 25.50
Hopper wagon 45mm version
£ 26.50
Penrhyn Coal Wagon, Built from the one surviving drawing of this wagon by the team of enthusiast at Bala Lake Railway, which was completed in 2015, this kit aims to recreate that wagon in a good representation of scale. The model is to have internal and external planking detail with side straps inside and out in addition to the corner bracing as per the original. wheels and axle boxes will be included with this kit.
Dimensions are, Length 160mm, Width 92mm, Height 73mm.
Freelance Bogie Tanker wagon; the Tanker wagon is a complete freelance wagon of no particular prototype, it draws inspiration from many full-size tankers, the tanker is loosely based on the freelance open frame style utilising the space underneath for pipe work for unloading the tanker. the tanker is designed to complement our hopper wagon and guards van. The tanker is hollow, allowing weight to be added if required. bogies and wheels are included within the kit, the decals are custom and are not supplied with the kit, Endon valley will supply decals sized for the tanker upon request, with whatever logo you wish all for their standard rates. The tanker is 80mm wide and fits nicely with our brake van and hopper wagons.
Penrhyn Coal Wagon as rebuilt 2015 at Bala Complete Kit incl 32mm wheels
£ 24.50
Penrhyn Coal Wagon as rebuilt 2015 at Bala Complete Kit incl 45mm wheels
£ 25.00
Bogie Tanker Wagon includes 32mm wheels
£ 68.50
Bogie Tanker Wagon includes 45mm wheels
£ 69.50
4 Ton Granite Wagon, as seen on the GVT, these were quiet the universal wagon, easy to assemble with locating tabs and shaped buffers, all being assembled with pva glue. now with added detail, Corner strapping. wheels  supplied are 6 spoke 24mm diameter, and laser cut leaf spring axle boxes now supplied.
Dimensions are, Length 162mm, Width 80mm, Height 43mm.

Coal and Mineral open 4 ton wagon as used on the WHR. these wagons were used on the WHR for the transportation of coal and other such minerals, with bottom opening doors, these are quiet the unique wagon, easy to assemble with locating tabs, the doors are left loose for you to add individuality with hinges etc. supplied with laser cut non-working hinges, corner strapping and brake handle and mount. wheels and axle boxes now supplied.  
Dimensions are, Length 160mm, Width 80mm, Height 58mm.
4 ton Granite Wagon GVT incl 6 spoke wheels 32mm
£ 10.00
4 ton Granite Wagon GVT incl 6 spoke wheels 45mm
£ 10.50
Coal & Mineral open 4 ton WHR incl axle boxes & 32mm wheels
£ 16.00
Coal & Mineral open 4 ton WHR incl axle boxes & 45mm wheels
£ 16.50
Our Classic Box van, used on most railways for transporting goods or tools, this model is narrow being only 80mm wide, designed intentionally this way to fit with the quarryman's coaches, this kit can be made up very easily with locating tabs and pva glue, the overlays are scored on the base for easy alignment. shown here with swing opening doors by means of a pivot being drilled into the middle layer of ply, but equally it could be made up for the doors to slide either, inside or out dependent on your preference.
Dimensions are; Length 200mm, Width 86mm, Height 106mm.
Small box van 80mm wide complete body kit
£ 24.00
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