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Brewery Rolling Stock

These kits are inspired from the brewery wagon range, to fit with the Guinness loco.

Brewery flat wagon complete with barrel's , This Kit contains the flat of the wagon with scored planking detail, also included are 13 barrels with the harp design and 10 plain barrels. all supplied unstained, recommended is pva to stick the flats together, binne bolster wagon chassis are advised for bogies, option 1 comes without the bogies for you to build your own, or option 2 includes the complete kit and required bogies.
Barrel flat Wagon, this is just the base components to make the flat barrel wagon, requires two bogies, (not supplied) we suggest Binne Engineering "Bolster Chassis" to complement the Bob Bath guiness loco coupling height.
Dimensions are, Length 230mm, Width 66mm, Height 9mm.
Brewery Flat wagon complete with 23 barrels 10 plain 13 with harp etched in.
£ 24.00
Brewery barrel flat wagon, No Barrels
£ 6.00
Brewery Flat wagon complete with 23 barrels 10 plain 13 with harp etched in also two bolster chassis with wheels 32mm only.
£ 40.00
Barrel's with Harp design, etched in
Plain Barrel's,
Barrel's with harp design, each
£ 1.00
Barrels plain, each
£ 0.85
Brewery open trolley, used within the factory for showing visitors around the site. The kit comes with plastic wheels and laser cut axle boxes, the kit comes now with a second kit for making the canopy, in time i will update the pictures, (NB the wheels shown in the picture are steel and are not supplied with this kit).
Dimensions are, Length 116mm, Width 88mm, Height 104mm.
Oil Drums,
Brewery works Trolley complete. now comes with wheels and the canopy kit.
£ 21.00
Plain Oil Drums Priced each
£ 0.90
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