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Welcome to The Line Side Hut.

Thank you for visiting our site and your continued support through these challenging times, Pat continues to persevere cutting out orders as they arrive, whilst we stay open for business, we can only visit the post office once a week on a Monday, with this in mind there will be a slight delay in dispatching parcels, sorry for the delay.

Please Note: supplies of steel wheels are still unavailable due to are supplier’s delivery delays caused by covid19. Once the supply chain can be re-established reliably, we will make the effected products available again. Sorry for the inconvenience but this is largely out of our hands. Anyone wishing to back-order these products will need to email or add a note to the NOTES section on the checkout Page, once the items are in stock, we will contact you for payment.
sorry for any inconvenience.

THE LINE SIDE HUT - Specializing in laser cut kits for 16mm Narrow gauge modellers. whether you're a novice builder just starting out or the more experienced builder, we hope to be able to meet your requirements with something for everybody modelling in 1:19th scale. We have full kits or scratch building components, all our kits have tabs for easy location of parts and some items can be purchased as individual items to aid the scratch builder. we're not rivet counters we just enjoy making interesting models.

All of our kits exclude wheels and buffers, (unless otherwise stated) we can supply chassis kits to fit our models, these include axle boxes, bearings, wheels and sub frame to suit our kits, there is already such a large variety available on the market and with differing tastes we won’t be offended if you prefer to put your own running gear on. we aim to make a good representation of the original piece but not to exact scale, although all are models are very close to 16mm to the foot. Adhesives - all of our kits glue together well with PVA glue, as a preference I prefer the waterproof variant. Paint - I tend to use car primer and spray paint, which I have had good results from, equally humbrol paints cover well as do most variants of stains and varnishes., just remember pva doesn’t stain.

Sometimes wood being a natural mistress she adds blemishes and marks in the material, we do our best to quality control all our kits, but sometimes these blemishes are unavoidable, we do try to keep these away from on view pieces but it’s not always possible.

We Hope you enjoy your Visit to our site and if there's something you can't find then drop us an email.

Best Regards

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